JPSMGolf announces new products and pricing for 2018

Posted on June 11, 2018 by Carson Shopify

*Information being added to this blog post, as it becomes available to us*

Now in its 11th season, JPSMGolf strives to raise the awareness on the benefits of using a motorized walking trolley. Today Canada is seen as one of the best growth markets for the category.

JPSMGolf is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributors of Motocaddy & Stewart Golf Dream Machines.

We were also pleased to announce that effective March 1st, 2018 JPSMGolf was appointed the Exclusive Canadian distributor of Cart-Tek trolleys. Founded in Bend Oregon in 2007, the Cart-Tek brand will solidify JPSMGolf’ s position as the leading distributor of motorized trolleys in Canada.


As the global market leader, Motocaddy strives to update all models on a regular basis to keep up with technology and market trends.

Initially launched in 2013, the market changing compact folding M Series Range will receive a complete redesign for this season. Along with an update to the current M1, M1 DHC and M3 models, a new M5 Connect (GPS) and M5 Connect DHC will be introduced. The new compact design will see the overall folded sized of the unit greatly reduced and allow for easy storage of a trolley and set of clubs in most car trunks.

The new 2018 M Series range is expected to arrive in Canada in late June or early July. Pre-orders will be accepted, once we receive their specifications. As of now, we have no further information, details or photos, but more details will be announced on our site, once they become available to us.

S7 Remote

Specifically designed for the North American Market, the S7 Remote was introduced in 2015 and landed on Canadian soil with great anticipation.  Since its launch, our major challenge has been keeping up with demand. As a result we have been sold out of S7’s since late last fall.

While there are still limited quantities available in some markets, JPSMGolf will have no S7 availability in 2018.

We are however pleased to announce that the S7 Remote will be replaced by an ALL NEW and greatly improved M7 Remote trolley.

The new M7 will be based on the new M Series platform and offer some exciting additional features. At this time the release date of the M7 is still to be determined.

Some Interesting Data

Trolley usage by Golfers in the UK is estimated in excess of 60%. An overwhelming percentage of the units sold in the UK are manual electric trolleys.

While remote trolleys are popular in North America, remote models only account for 3%-5% of global sales. In support of this is the fact that another Major Global trolley brand does not offer a remote model.

Since our entry into the category 11 years ago, it has been the goal of JPSMGolf to educate golfers on the benefits of using a motorized walking trolley. Today it’s estimated that 8% Canadian golfers use a motorized trolley. While remotes are considered to be the model of choice in Canada, on average 70% of our sales are manual models.

Our goal is to offer golfers entering the category the opportunity to select from the widest range of brands & models with features and options that satisfy everyone’s wants, needs and budgets.


With the above in mind, we are excited to add Cart-Tek trolleys to our offering.

Cart-Tek is a well-established brand that offers sleek and modern design features. The GRi-1500Li is available in Silver & Black and will Retail for $1499.99. This unit will be sure to meet the needs of the golfer looking for a reliable remote trolley at a reasonable price.

Stewart Golf Dream Machines

For those customers searching for the best, the Bluetooth technology leading Stewart Golf X9 Remote in Black, Silver and White, will be priced at $2499, for the 2018 season.

At JPSM Golf, we pride ourselves on delivering the best brands and models. The support & service we have offered to our existing customers over the past 11 seasons is a testament to our commitment to the category.


We look forward to welcoming new customers and consumers who are looking to join this fast-growing category.