Motocaddy LEAD ACID Battery Bag / Cable

Compatible for use with the Motocaddy 18 Hole Sealed Lead Acid Battery. This battery was discontinued in January 2016 but can be sourced and purchased otherwise with the below specifications for use with a Class 2 Lead Acid Battery Charger):

Battery Type:  Sealed Lead Acid

Capacity:  21Ah

Voltage:  12V

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding a Sealed Lead Acid battery replacement.

The Motocaddy 18 Hole 12 Volt 21 Amp Lead Acid Battery was discontinued as of January 1, 2016.


The Canadian Market has a unique challenge when it comes to a Lead Acid battery.

Because of our climate we are faced with a 5 +\- month off season. During this period these batteries are sitting dormant in various conditions of charge. Unless the battery is constantly cycled (as we do with our on hand stock) the sulphation process naturally occurs and therefore reduces the life span of a battery.

A large percentage of Motocaddy’s sales are in the UK market. They do not experience an unreasonable % of Lead Acid failures because climate allows play 10 plus months a year.

Our largest percentages of reported failures occur at the start of each season. These failures can be the result of improper off season care, but mainly as a result of the natural sulphation process (especially in older batteries).

Vendor: Motocaddy

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