Stewart Golf Extended Handset Belt Clip

Replacement pieces for your Stewart Golf Handset Back & Clip or Clip Only, suitable for the X9R/X9F, X7, X5, X3R, or F-Series trolleys.

Handset Back & Clip:

Flexible belt clip supplied fitted to a new handset back to make fitment easier. The extended handset back and belt clip is to be used with the handset skin.

Clip Only:

You will receive the handset clip only, including the screws required to affix to the handset. The price of $5.00 plus tax includes postage charges (sent by Canada Post).

Handset Silicone Skin w/ Back & Clip:

The video below shows the new skin along with fitting instructions.

The new handset skin is designed to fit on all* remote control handsets supplied with X-Series and F1 Lithium remote trolleys.

The skin has been designed to provide extra protection against knocks & bumps, and also provides additional protection against weather extremes.

  • Manufactured from silicone for durability and extra water resistance.
  • Provides extra protection from minor knocks & bumps.
  • Supplied with a new back moulding with new offset clip (to allow easy fitment to your trolley).
  • The new offset clip is made from an extra flexible material.
  • Removes the need to re-seal the handset after replacing the handset battery.

The silicone skin is not intended to provide 100% protection against damage caused by misuse and does not provide complete water resistance. *If you have a handset with a silver button pad (early X-Series models), the raised buttons on the handset will not align properly, although the skin will still fit the handset case.

The X9 Follow handset contains delicate components - Please take care when replacing this part.


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