Motocaddy Universal Umbrella Holder

Available early September

2018 and newer M-series will require the M-Series Accessory Station to attach this product.

The Universal Umbrella Holder is designed to hold all standard golfing umbrellas securely at any required angle.


  • Accommodates all standard golfing umbrellas
  • Fully adjustable to suit all weather conditions
  • Easy fitting and removal
  • 1.5" inner-diameter


2017 and earlier M-Series trolleys have an integrated accessory station built into the handle and therefore do not require an accessory station to attach this item.

IMPORTANT NOTES: This umbrella holder is not designed to hold an umbrella while the cart is in motion, indeed for many users it will be too low to achieve this. It is designed as a place to put an umbrella while you take a shot.

This is also a safety precaution designed to remove the chance of the trolley becoming unstable when used in windy conditions, as a remote control machine could be a distance away from the user when in motion.

If you will be using the Motocaddy Umbrella Holder in conjunction with your current golf umbrella, please ensure that the handle diameter does not exceed the 1.5" inner diameter measurement of the Motocaddy Umbrella Holder.




Vendor: Motocaddy

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