Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley PROMOTION

Hand-built in Gloucestershire, the R1-S PUSH has been branded The best push trolley in the world

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  • Accepts any kind of cart, tour, or even stand bag
  • Simple two-step folding system; patent pending Rack & Pinion driven folding mechanism
  • Foot brake
  • Fully adjustable handle height
  • 3 storage compartments inside handle console
  • Extensive standard features, including umbrella holder, ball holder, scorecard holder, magnetic ball marker, 4 accessory points, soft touch handle, bottle holder, 3 golf ball holders, silicone bag straps
  • Adjustable and padded bag jaws that will accept any tour, cart or even stand bag
  • 3 quick release wheels for smaller folding size
  • Hand built in Great Britain
  • 2 year warranty (when registered)
  • Optional Accessories include: the R1 Trunk Organizer


The R1-S PUSH is based on a novel application of the tried and tested rack & pinion system. Rack & pinion is most well known for use in car steering systems to turn the circular movement of turning a steering wheel, into the linear movement of the steering rack.

The R1-S PUSH actually has 4 racks and 4 pinions that all work simultaneously. When folding the R1-S PUSH, it works as follows:

1. The main support is folded forwards, pivoting at its base.
2. At the base of the main support there is a large gear, or pinion. As this turns, it engages with the top side of the rear rack and moves it backwards in the horizontal tube.
3. The two lower sides on the rear rack connect to the front aero leg which has a pinion on. As the rack moves backwards linearly, the gear rotates and the leg closes until parallel with the horizontal tube.
4. The rear rack is connected to the front rack, so they both move backwards at the same time.
5. A further pinion mounted on top of the front rack is connected to the front wheel, so as the rack moves backwards the wheel folds under the horizontal tube.
6. The handle can be folded and adjusted by loosening the knob, and re-tightening when positioned.

Why is this better?
Any external sliding mechanism is subject to dust & dirt from the golf course. If not kept clean, this can lead the mechanism to become stiff and possibly even jam. The presence of abrasive dust or grit in a sliding mechanism can also cause damage to the surface finish.

The patented rack & pinion mechanism is all housed inside the tube, away from dust & dirt. Additionally, the oversized design of the gears can work even with debris present.

As well as the functional benefits described above, the rack & pinion system means that the aesthetic is impeccably clean. With the usual sliders missing, the key lines of the R1-S Push are allowed to really sing.


Weight: 19.25 lbs
Folded Dimensions: 25"(L) x 14"(W) x 20"(H)
Folded without wheels*: 23"(L) x 12"(W) x 12"(H)
*All three wheels are quick release for an even smaller folded size.
 Please click HERE for warranty details.

Vendor: JPSMGolf

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