Universal GPS/Device Holder

The universal device/GPS holder can be fitted to any X-Series, F-Series, Z-Series and R-Series model.


  • Fully adjustable for different devices via 4 rotating claws
  • Adjustable for viewing angle
  • Quick release mechanism

Claw Adjustment: Each of the 4 claws can be rotated in 45 degree increments. This provides 60mm of height and width adjustment and allows you to grip your device away from side buttons etc.
Width Adjustment: Both sides of the holder are adjustable to provide an additional 40mm of width adjustment.
Min Width: 15mm
Maximum Width: 115mm
Maximum Depth: 25mm

You can download the fitting guide supplied in the box by clicking here.

X-Series: Fitted via a new adaptor that will fit to either side of the handle of your trolley.
F-Series: Fits to a new part that attaches to the underside of the F1 handle. 
R1 Push: Fits to any of the accessory points on the R1 Push handle.
Z3 Push: Fits to any of the accessory points on the Z3 handle.
Z1 Push: Fits to the centre of the handle using the universal mounting.

Stewart Golf will not take any responsibility for any damage caused to any device as a result of using this holder. It is your responsibility to ensure devices are held securely.

This video shows how the device holder is fitted to the accessory point on the Z3 Push. The device holder comes with accessory points for the X and F series. 


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