Motocaddy Accessory Station (compatible with M-Series 2018 onwards)

This M-Series Accessory Station is compatible with M-Series models with a manufacture year of 2018 onwards.

M-Series models manufactured prior to 2018 do not require an Accessory Station to attached the upper handle accessories.

The Accessory Station allows up to four accessories to be fitted to your Motocaddy trolley at the same time and is suitable for use with the Scorecard Holder, Drink Holder, Device Cradle & Umbrella Holder.

Compatible with all Motocaddy M-Series electric trolleys, 2018 and newer. This item is not included with the purchase of M-Series trolleys, and must be purchased to accommodate any accessory attachment.


Additional note:

2017 and earlier M-Series trolleys have an integrated accessory station built into the handle and therefore do not require any accessory station to attach accessories.

Category: M-SERIES

Vendor: Motocaddy

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