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Off-Season Battery Care & Maintenance

Off-season care of the battery depends on which type you currently have (Sealed Lead Acid / Gel or Lithium). Off-season care details are as follows:


Lithium Battery

If for any reason your lithium battery is not going to be used for lengthy periods, e.g. 3 months over the winter, please store the battery fully charged. Before the battery is used again, recharge it (top it up) prior to use. We recognize that extended absences are not always planned in advance; however, when it is likely that you will not be using your battery for a period of time it is good practice to follow these steps to extend the life of your lithium battery. Please ensure that the charger is ALWAYS disconnected from the battery after charging.

Lead Acid / Gel Battery

When the lead acid battery is not used for prolonged periods of time, please charge your battery at regular intervals (every 4-5 weeks). The battery must be stored and charged on a dry non-carpeted surface and charged at temperatures ranging between 10°C and 30°C. Charging above or below these temperatures is not recommended as it can reduce the battery capacity. Never charge the battery outside or in conditions that may allow moisture to penetrate the charger or connections. Please do not leave it on charge or connected to the charger once it has been fully charged (disconnect once fully charged). Please also ensure that you do not leave the battery plugged into the charger when the charger is unplugged.

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