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About Stewart Golf

Stewart Golf Logo Stewart Golf is a privately owned UK company, 100% owned and operated by its employees.  The Company was founded in the 1980’s when lifelong engineer Roy Stewart retired and took up the game of golf. Roy thought that many areas of the game could be improved, particularly the way clubs were carried around the course.  Consequently, with the help of his son, Ross, and grandson, Mark, they designed the first product – the X1 Remote – a revolutionary new motorized golf trolley.  Unveiled at the end of 2003, the X1 Remote exceeded all sales expectations.

Mark Stewart Stewart Golf CEO Mark Stewart said, "When we launched the X1 Remote, we set a new standard of originality, performance and styling. Since then we have never stopped dreaming, innovating and engineering; our goal has always been simply to create the best products in the industry and set the bar as high as possible.  

Five years after the launch of the X1 Remote, the F1 Lithium was unveiled at the London Golf Show – a waiting list soon formed for the exclusive product. Before the end of the year, the F1 Lithium won a Design Excellence award from the British Business Council. 

To meet demand, Stewart Golf opened a new factory in 2008 at their home in Gloucestershire, England. This additional capacity allowed them to accommodate an increasing export sales market.  Each trolley is hand-assembled and inspected at this facility. The X-Series Dream Machine continued to evolve into the X3-R, X5-R and lithium powered version X7.

The 10th year anniversary of Stewart Golf in 2014 saw the exciting launch of the X9-Follow. The company’s engineers have taken the proven X Series chassis and given it a brand new heart: an all-new Bluetooth powered electronics system that allows the machine to follow the golfer at just the touch of a button.

KEEP CALM AND CARRY NOTHINGThe X9 Follow retains the slick look that consumers will be familiar with. Stewart Golf’s engineers have been able to integrate two additional antennas under the distinctive X Series bodywork, so the only outward indication of change is a new badge and a blue LED that replaces the aerial. As well as its “follow” mode, the X9 Follow also comes with full remote control functionality that existing customers will be familiar with. Golfers will now have the option of keeping the handset on the handle for manual control, using the remote control or activating the follow function. Mark Stewart added: “Using the follow feature is undoubtedly the most relaxing way to play, but if you’re around the green or in deep rough then using the remote control to send your trolley to where you want it to be can be the most convenient option.”

From humble beginnings, the future looks bright for Stewart Golf, the world’s premium remote golf trolley manufacturer.


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