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How do I CHoose the right trolley?

Here at JPSMGolf, we are proud to offer more than a dozen models, spanning over the four premium brands we represent. We believe that there is a perfect trolley for everyone. Read below to gain some insight on how to pick the best trolley for you.

Remote Trolleys

The first question we generally ask a new user, is whether they are looking for a trolley with a remote. Growing in popularity in North America, remote trolleys allow you to send the unit virtually anywhere on the course. Some models, like the Stewart Q-Follow, will actually follow the user down the fairway.

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Non-Remote Trolleys

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, non-remote trolleys (also called manual trolleys) offer more than enough power get around the course. These models are generally controlled using a combination of speed dial and buttons on the handle.

One common misconception about these trolleys, is that the user has to be hands-on at all times. Once you get comfortable with the pace of a trolley, you can let it walk just ahead of you, only reaching out to stop or turn the unit.

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Got Hills?

Not all courses are flat, which is why we have several models that thrive on hills and uneven terrain. We have non-remote options such as the PowerBug NX DHC, or remote options like the Stewart VERTX. Both will govern themselves going downhill, eliminating the need to manually slow them down, or hold on to them as they descend.

At JPSMGolf, we have a selection of hill-tested trolleys.

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