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PowerBug Promotion - Win a Callaway Driver



PowerBug is the most affordable electric golf trolley available on the Canadian market. Starting at $899.00, PowerBug offers two exceptional models that are powered by a dependable Mini Lithium battery.

From now until Christmas 2021, purchase a PowerBug Trolley through our showroom or website and earn a chance to win a Callaway driver.

In fact, the sooner you buy, the more chances you have to win.

Here's how it works. There will be three draws for a Callaway Epic driver – one each at the end of October, November, and December. If you buy now, you'll be entered in all three draws, buy in November, you get into two draws or one if you wait until December.



PowerBug has quickly earned a stellar reputation among Canadian golfers since being introduced to the market two years ago.

Backed by 17 years of success in the UK and Europe, golfers are learning what international golfers know: PowerBug is a solid reliable Trolley that comes equipped with features to meet everyone’s needs at an affordable price tag.

If an electric golf trolley is on your radar for yourself or someone that you know, why wait till spring to make the purchase? Buy now and avoid the spring rush - and give yourself a chance to win a Callaway driver.