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Stewart Golf FAQs

X Series

1) X9 / F1 - 18 or 36 Hole Battery?
2) Are X9 batteries compatible with lead acid chargers?
3) Are X9 batteries dangerous?
4) How long will an X9 battery last?
5) How should an X9 battery be stored if not used for considerable periods of time?
6) Is it possible to use an X9 battery and still use a lead-acid battery?
7) Should a X9 battery be recharged if not been used for a full round?
8) What is the best way to maximise the life of an X9 battery?
9) What is the safest way to dispose of an X9 battery?
10) What maintenance is recommended for X9 batteries?
11) What battery can I use as a replacement on my X1, X3, X5 , X7 or X9?

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