Motocaddy Canada Technical Support

In the unlikely event that your trolley develops a fault, you can be confident that your Motocaddy has been designed with an easy diagnosis system and easy-to-change parts.

Should your trolley develop a fault, please follow the easy to use diagrams and videos to follow.

While running through the diagnosis diagrams, it is recommended that you place your trolley in the folded position and remove the wheels to enable easy handling.

PLEASE NOTE: The lights on the Control Box are numbered as described within the troubleshooting diagram.

1) In the event that your trolley will not complete 18 holes after a full charge:

If this is the first time that your trolley has failed to complete 18 holes, we suggest that you re-charge your battery as soon as possible and make sure it has a full charge, and that the charger is functioning correctly. Once charged, please try using the battery for one more round in case it had not charged properly before it's last outing. If your battery then fails to complete 18 holes again, please contact our technical support team by sending an email to or by calling our toll free hotline at 1-855-839-1600.

For Motocaddy UK or International, please visit

The Motocaddy Lithium Battery & Charger are both covered by a full 24 month warranty from the date of purchase. In addition to the standard 24 month warranty, Motocaddy offers a 5 year limited warranty (additional 3 years) on the battery (this excludes the charger). In order to qualify for the 5 year limited warranty, please register your warranty online or using the relevant warranty registration card that was provided with your original purchase.


2) If your trolley will not move, please run through the following troubleshooting chart  (click on chart image to expand)



3) If your trolley is moving but is only going one speed, please run through the following troubleshooting chart (click on chart image to expand)





   Using the Freewheel Groove

   Adjusting the Front Wheel

   Fixing a stiff or noisy rear wheel


   S1 - Fault Finding

   S3 - Fault Finding

   (2016 Models)  S1 & S3 PRO Fault Finding

   Replacing the S-Series Motor

   Replacing the 2016 S-Series Motor

   Replacing the S1 Circuit Board

   Replacing the S1 On/Off Switch

   Replacing the Controller Box

   Replacing the 2016 S-Series Control Box

   Using the S3 CartLock Security Feature

   Replacing the S3 Circuit Board

   Replacing the S3 On/Off Switch



   Replacing an M-Series Motor

   Replacing the M-Series Circuit Board

   Replacing the M-Series On/Off Switch

   How to fold your M-Series electric trolley

   How to unfold your M-Series electric trolley