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Article: Flat Cat Golf Trolleys – Where Innovation Meets Excellence

Flat Cat Golf Trolleys – Where Innovation Meets Excellence

Flat Cat Golf Trolleys – Where Innovation Meets Excellence

JPSMGolf, is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of Flat Cat Trolleys. This unique and innovative brand is designed and engineered to exhibit the best of German quality and precision that combines style, functionality, and whisper quiet operation. As its name suggests, Flat Cats foldable design is unique and folds up to the worlds flattest most compact size that can easily fit in the smallest of cars.

 Let’s look at Flat Cats’ two premium models of motorized golf trolleys and what they offer.


Flat Cat GEAR

The Flat Cat GEAR is a popular motorized trolley that is controlled using the trolley’s on-handle speed dial and mode buttons.


Flat Cat AHEAD with Remote Advance

The Flat Cat AHEAD is a cutting-edge trolley with the ability to stay a step AHEAD of the user, hands-free! The AHEAD also features a FORWARD ADVANCE remote. Its also offers the same on handle speed and mode control buttons as the Flat Cat Gear.

Features of the Flat Cat AHEAD and Flat Cat GEAR.



Flat Cat GEAR

$2,299 CAD

Flat Cat AHEAD

$2,999 CAD

Hands-Free Advance

Forward Advance Remote

DC Gear Drive

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Lightweight ALU/GRP Frame

Adjustable Handle

Premium Colourways

Compact Foldability

Brake/Park Assist

Freewheel Assist

Compact Lithium Battery


Flat Cat Feature Specs


Hands-Free Advance: The Flat Cat AHEAD uses proximity sensors that react to your movement and proceeds to automatically advance in front of you, within arm’s reach.


Forward Advance Remote: Send your trolley even farther ahead, with the included unidirectional remote.


DC Gear Drive/Whisper-Quiet Operation: The concealed DC gear drive makes the Flat Cat trolleys some of the quietest on the market, while maintaining their ability to tackle all kinds of terrain.


Lightweight ALU/GRP frame: The Flat Cat trolleys are made of anodized aluminum, and glass-fiber reinforced plastic. This combination allows Flat Cat trolleys to maintain a lightweight profile, without compromising its strength or modern aesthetic.


Adjustable Handle: The Flat Cat height adjustable handle allows this trolley to fit golfers of all heights, offering the perfect ergonomic position.


Premium Colourways: Flat Cat trolleys are available in a wide range of colorways, from sleek and sophisticated options to vibrant and eye-catching choices. Colours include silver, black, red, gold, green, blue, and rose. Flat Cat makes it easy to express yourself on-course.


Compact Foldability: These trolleys fold up with ease, secured by an easy-click bracket. With a simple click, the trolley is securely locked in place, and unfolding it is just as effortless.


Brake/Park Assist: The Flat Cat brake assist ensures that the trolley maintains its speed while driving downhill. The park assist will automatically activate when the trolley is stopped, applying resistance to the drive wheels to help prevent movement.


Freewheel Assist: Simply switch the Flat Cat trolley off to activate the freewheel mode – the trolley will act as a basic push trolley.


Compact Lithium Battery: The lithium iron phosphate battery is built to last up to 6 hours on the course. Flat Cat has made a point to create an environmentally friendly battery that is almost 100% recyclable, high-performing, and safe.


We can promise that you will be thrilled with the performance and advanced features of the Flat Cat AHEAD and Flat Cat GEAR golf trolleys. You can find more information on these world class trolleys, here.

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